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Creating Life Bonds

Rhythms are simple, structured activities and events to be shared with your children and spouse on an intentional schedule. Specific times can be Pizza Friday, Date Night, Service to Others, and any number of activities that you experience one-on-one.

At first, many believe that scheduling these chunks of time complicates and crowds your schedule. But in reality, the impact is just the opposite.

Families that utilize Rhythms tell us that each activity re-grounds their relationship and re-focuses their connection toward one another and what is important. Your children feel a sense of importance and priority by having set times and actions that you do together.

The consistency of shared time helps your child or spouse to feel more understood and make it far easier for them to talk to you. Rhythms give you the feeling of gaining back time and creates more freedom in schedules and relationships.

As an entrepreneur, these two areas quickly go from being an area of struggle to a place of inner peace and confidence.

Starting Your Board Meetings

The principle rhythm for the Family Board Meetings model is the actual board meeting that you have with your child. One parent, one child, four hours minimum, with no technology.

At first, this process sounds far too simple, but there are hundreds of accounts where having regular board meetings have enhanced and elevated healthy relationships, and accelerated the healing and renewal process for even the most strained relationships.

This is your first step if you are new to the Family Board Meetings philosophy. Just this one simple action of scheduling and going on a 4-hour excursion with your child gives instant impact, lasting results, and the framework for a dynamic and vibrant relationship with your child.

Date Night

Although the concept is widely known, few couples actually use date night to its full potential. This simple rhythm, when scheduled and kept as a top priority, gives you and your spouse a known and trusted place to talk about successes and concerns within the family, as well as how and in what direction your direct relationship is progressing.

This simple commitment together opens up a world of communication, intimacy, and connection at a far deeper level. You will know your spouse in a way that just simply isn’t possible without this regular rhythm.

Pizza Friday

How to add service and contribution into your family’s life:

After research and interviewing thousands of entrepreneurs and leaders, one common desire emerged as a driving interest among engaged entrepreneurs.

Almost all say something similar to, “I want my kid to appreciate what they have.”

This simple rhythm has proven incredibly effective in strengthening confidence, giving a genuine sense of appreciation, and heartfelt gratitude through service and giving.

In making the time consistent, your child feels important, heard, and active in giving and receiving. Confidence and openness builds over time which allows you to better understand what is really going on in their life. As a parent, this is the place where you can most deeply shape and nurture your child.

Simple concept. Profound results.

The above video was shot December 23, 2016 – Jim shares how a simple Pizza Friday quickly evolves into a life lesson and a meaningful, teachable moment for both he and his son, Alden.

Our Book

Speaking & Consulting

The Family Board Meeting

If you are a parent and an entrepreneur/busy professional, this book is for you. Read it in a night, gain connection strategies to last a lifetime.

Learn the elegant and powerful “Family Board Meeting” strategy to:
• Connect more deeply with your children
• Make each child in your family feel important and unique
• Feel more open and authentic with your children
• Increase your happiness at home
• Build an enduring family legacy of connection and memories

Speaking & Consulting

Speaking & Keynotes

The messages, challenges and insights Jim Sheils brings to both his keynote and 10-minute talk have directly impacted thousands of entrepreneurs. With practical and immediately executable concepts, Jim has helped his audiences see near-instant and remarkable results in re-connecting with their children and spouses.

Private & Team Coaching

As an entrepreneur, finding the right coach and mentor who has been where you want to go is the most effective way to achieve your desired outcome. Jim and Jamie Sheils are available for 1:1 or team consulting on a limited basis.  Their expertise and practical 18 Summers structure have proven effective time and time again.

Private Group Events

Jim, Jamie, and the 18 Summers team can craft a custom experience for your family, company team or group of friends and their families. With just a few short discovery and coaching sessions, the 18 summers team develops a unique experience designed with your goals and outcomes in mind.

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