The Family Board Meeting

The Family Board Meeting

18 Summers connection process is simple…


RHYTHMS are simple, structured activities and events to be shared with your children and spouse on an intentional schedule.


LESSONS will show you how to engage in the education of our children to actually prepare your child for life.


EXPERIENCES are workshops and activities for parents and children to connect and create memories that last forever.

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In keynote presentations, workshops, team events, or private consulting, Jim and Jamie Sheils have helped hundreds of the top entrepreneurs, families, and thought leaders around the world focus and implement where it really counts, at home. Their simple methods are able to be integrated instantly and provide immediate deeper connections for entrepreneurs and their families.

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Our Book

The Family Board Meeting

The Family Board Meeting is a carefully designed, easy-to-follow guide to creating quality time with your children. It takes only minutes to plan your first Board Meeting… and it’s guaranteed to be a ton of fun for both you and your child!

Welcome to the most important meeting of your life!


Connect more deeply with your children.


Reduce "screen sucking" and device dependence.


Make each child in your family feel important and unique.


Help you feel more open and authentic with your children.


Building an enduring family legacy of connection and memories.


Increase your happiness at home.

Kind Words

From our valued clients

“This might sound harsh – but I believe our traditional educational system is letting us down. Even though my family lives in one of the top school districts in the country but I truly cannot say with confidence my kids are learning the most important skills for the 21st century. Learning from Jim and Jamie, we’ve started applying key concepts and ideas in our family to develop deeper bonds, connections and shared values. I highly recommend their work.”

Yanik Silver
Founder Maverick1000 and author Evolved Enterprise


“Jim and Family Board Meetings has the best actions and principles I have ever seen for entrepreneurs with family. By building Rhythms into our week, we now have more time, more connected conversations, and a relationship that is beyond what I ever thought possible. My family life is richer than I could have ever dreamed.”

Rick Sapio


“Proud to say that I came out of your presentation and booked Board Meetings with my kids RIGHT AWAY. Your stuff is so simple, but now I know it to be the most profoundly important and significant lesson I’ve learned in some time. I’m deeply grateful for having met you!”

Govindh Jayaraman

“The Rhythms and Experiences with Family Board Meetings is multiplying deep connections into the future of my relationship with my child. It puts them on the same page as me, and me on the same page as them. Family Board Meetings game me a framework to invest in my relationships that has delivered exponential results.”

Strategic Coach

“Family Board Meetings gave us the tools to take our relationship to a much deeper and connected level. I feel as though we have been handed a gift that everyone needs. My relationship with my son is now far more open, trusting, and alive. Thank you.”

Marci Lock

“I was first exposed to Jim’s family board meeting framework when I attended a dad’s retreat where Jim spoke. It instantly made sense to me as it seemed like a simple rhythm I could implement to deepen my relationship with each of my children.”

Brad Johnson

“Jim’s strategy is one that I think is an absolute pillar in family life. In order to connect, in order to influence our kids, in order to truly help to raise them into the humans that they were born to be, this is one of the most effective strategies I’ve ever come across and the results speak for themselves.”

Jon Vroman

“My daughter was really young when I started (3 years old). If anything, the benefit initially was more for me as I had a hard time establishing a connection with my daughter the first few years of her life. Now, the benefit of Family Board Meetings are mutual, and we both eagerly anticipate them. My daughter looks forward to them months in advance.”

Jayson Gaignard

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